Your Order-to-Cash Solution As a Product

When you first start your company, your OTC processes are somewhat cobbled together.  As you evolve and win new customers processes firm up. They become battle tested.  They work, and you’ve seen it happen.  If they run smoothly, customers may give you more business, praise your systems and even give you great reviews.  So why not consider treating your OTC processes as a product? 

Your Order-to-Cash process should be one of your most valuable.  After all, no one cares what you sell if you are incapable of shipping a perfect order.

What is the value of that product?  Order-to-Cash solutions that work can be priceless.  They are able to efficiently manage and even predict what will ship and when.  The really good order-to-cash solutions – the ones architected and integrated properly enable your team to control and often reduce the time to value on orders you receive.

Sure there are companies using out-of-the-box systems that ‘get the job done’, but companies won’t remain in a static position allowing it for long.  Things change.  

To make sure OTC engines for companies are firing on all cylinders, Retail EDI offers a service designed to help correct gaps, fine tune and accelerate the different OTC capabilities.  

  • Review existing processes on a per trading partner basis
  • Examine integration points, technology, analytics and reporting
  • Analyze order frequency, volume and distribution/route to market
  • Provide a cost-of-data index to help stakeholders see efficiency

Based on results we recommend opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Training to consider
  • Data automation internally and/or externally
  • Specialized applications or services 

Going through these steps, companies are able to make clear decisions about their Order-to-Cash product.  Having that clarity makes it easier to go after new channels, prevent offset expenses (Chargebacks), or simply add efficiencies to improve profit margin/reduce risk.  On an ad-hoc or regular basis, this yields benefits every single time, whether you are planning updates, or feel orders could be more efficient.

Spending a few hours on each customer, or customer type on a regular basis is a sound way to keep your most valuable product healthy, and even make it healthier.   

Contact us to discuss how we can help your OTC system, today!