Your Challenges

Your EDI, Data Transformation and Automation Challenges

Whether discussing IT, or business environments, the challenges are many; from managing operations, and driving increased revenue (While reducing costs), and improving scorecard KPI to name just a few. When we talk to IT and business leaders, we hear a lot of pain in terms of automating services and operations with trading partners while also looking for solutions around analytics (Value-added or not). Companies are looking for a “digital” fit between systems like VANs (Value Added Networks), EDI, analytics, and API-enabled applications.

Which of these challenges resonates most with you?

  • Need to add a VMI or an integrated EDI trading partner
  • B2B Consolidation – Looking to reduce costs?
  • Process Automation – Increase efficiency, break silos
  • Data Transformation – VAN/EDI/cXML to API (REST), 
  • Analytics – Insight from transactions, vendor data, POS
  • EDI, cXML, ASNs, standards, compliance and support  


Retail EDI supports nearly any ecosystem with services designed to bridge the knowledge and technology gaps between your business, and the data helping to drive it.  Our team supports you, and our growing network of experts provide operational support for longer term engagements to support a wide range of needs, whether on a full, part or flex-time model. 

Let’s talk about how we can increase efficiencies for your organization.  Use the Retail EDI Value Added Network as your supply chain partner to manage the actual EDI e.g. Orders and ASNs etc. across retail and other EDI-based channels.  Use our advisory and integration services to deliver automation and insight to the rest of your supply chain.