Value Added Network (VAN)

Retail EDI – Value Added Network (VAN) Service

Companies need to regularly review, and optimize VAN, and other B2B- processes regularly. B2B/EDI communications should be easy, and manageable, regardless of business size. As companies automate more complex processes, it’s critical to have a partner tightly aligned that can include a VAN component when needed.

Regardless of how extensive, or complex your business needs are, Retail EDI will make the implementation, and/or migration, as seamless as possible. Each migration has an assigned specialist to do the heavy lifting, walk through steps, and manage the cutover, and migration so business runs uninterrupted.

Retail EDI provides fast, secure, reliable electronic transmission of EDI documents across your supply chain. We offer Tier 1 service, with end-to-end security, 100% secure connections, and network uptime.

Retail EDI offers VAN solutions that deliver turnkey value for businesses.

To meet obligations, companies operating across various supply chains, exchange data more efficiently using Value Added Networks (VANs). Customers, vendors and logistics partners as well as other trading partners need to be able to exchange data electronically. Being able to interconnect is critical to success, and Value Added Networks provide access to many, many hundreds of thousands of companies, and organizations around the world.


Let’s talk about how we can help increase efficiencies for your organization.
  • Use the Retail EDI VAN as your supply chain partner to manage the actual EDI e.g. Orders and ASNs etc. across retail and other EDI-based channels.
  • Use our advisory and integration services to deliver automation and insight to the rest of your supply chain.