Retail EDI VAN Services

VANs, or Value Added Networks are very often needed by companies selling, or managing products and services in the Retail and Wholesale industry.  It’s not always clear which is the best one to use, or how to configure the technology or relationship to get the most value.  Similarly, companies often engage a VAN, get the service running and leave it for years, not paying attention to how much value or lack thereof they receive.  Retail EDI helps with both of these areas.

Retail EDI offers easy professional services engagements to help companies evaluate and align with potential VANs to helping to ensure success.  

VAN Selection

  • Orient your team to ensure everyone understands how a VAN can impact various processes.

  • Provide alternate methods for your business to integrate a VAN into the existing ecosystem.  

  • Provide functional analysis to help stakeholders understand various VAN capabilities, relationships, and costs, as well as how they will interact with your existing and future business processes, applications and products.


Retail EDI provides expertise to ensure your team works with the right VAN at the right price.  

Staffing for EDI and VANs

Do you have the expertise in-house to manage a VAN, or EDI?  Retail EDI has some options to help.

  • Recruiting Support – helping you get an FTE resource in-house ASAP.   We work with many individuals, contractors, and recruiters. 

  • Project-specific support – If your company has some expertise in-house already, Retail EDI can provide incremental support to get trading partners onboarded, as well as any ad-hoc support needed. 


Retail EDI works with highly experienced professionals on five continents.  If you need VAN support, we’re here to help.

Getting a team in place to support your integration needs doesn’t have to be difficult.  

VAN Staffing and recruiting support from Retail EDI

VAN Audit

Retail EDI can help make sure your VAN relationship stays on track.  Many companies implement a VAN service, setup integrations, and then let years go by without reviewing the performance of the VAN relationship. 

Retail EDI takes a granular look at each trading partner, document type, security, downtime and errors (If any), as well as costs to help articulate any changes needed to the service.  Audits help ensure resources are being used efficiently, minimize costs as well as helping to make sure internal stakeholders are using all the benefits provided by the VAN service.


VAN Service - Risk Management

Part of any diligence process, and as an on-going practice, we believe VANs should be aligned with your risk framework.  The “What do we do if” question should be evaluated on a regular basis (At least annually).  

In the last 10-12 years, several environmental, financial, and other events have prevented large and small VANs from delivering services to parts, or all of their clients for days at a time.  As a rule, most VANs will not connect directly with your trading partners.  They connect to other VANs, who in turn connect with your customers and suppliers.  SLA coverage from your contracted VAN won’t support your network if a downstream VAN goes offline.   

Many suppliers, customer, and third party providers across your enterprise many utilize Value Added Network service to support critical processes your company depends upon.  Retail EDI helps stakeholders understand which may be at risk based on their existing provider, and what steps can be taken to mitigate impact of potential disruption.

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