Supply Chain

Let Retail EDI Help Improve Your Supply Chain Functionality and Competitive Advantage!


Improve Sales and Operational Planning, purchasing strategy, and route to market while improving team visibility.

  • ERP, WMS, EDI, PLM, Data Warehouse
  • 3PL and Distribution
  • Vendor outreach and training

System Changes

Ensure good money is not thrown after bad while chasing efficiency and process improvement opportunities 

  • Process Modeling 
  • Proof of Concept
  • Packaging + Shipping Strategies


Specialty talent is often scarce,. We help you find the temporary, and permanent talent you need—anytime, anywhere. 

  • Operations + Demand Planning
  • Warehouse + Logistics
  • EDI + Application + Data Integration



Strategic supply chain operations put companies on a path to sustained improvements critical to business operations including company costs and profits.

– Increase your supply chain’s visibility.
– Automate where it counts.
– Engage your IT department.
– Assess your training programs.
– Implement project plans to improve.

System and Process Changes

Companies need to review their supply chain processes and adopt modern methods reflective of the volatility in which they now compete.

Whether stuck in “Business as Usual” behavior that isn’t reacting well to Covid-19, changing a product’s packaging, and distribution methods to extend reach or implementing a new ERP; Retail EDI helps companies change efficiently.

Retail EDI helps articulate the case for change, impact assessment and helps execute. Team experts manage each aspect while, while keeping aligned with overall project objectives.

Your dream was to design and drive your vision.

We’re here in case your dream didn’t include inventory management and POS reports.

Retail EDI supports supply chain and integration technology requirements as well as supporting back office and operations. This enables your team to spend time developing the company and brand.

Many business areas/units have a list of regular tasks and processes which much be managed, but don’t justify a FTE. When this happens, Retail EDI will come in, document the requirements, and put a teammate in place as an extension of yours to effectively manage those operational, and finance/back-office needs.

Whether you run QuickBooks or SAP, our team understands e-Commerce, CPG and Retail oriented processes.

inventory management and bac-office support from Retail EDI

Retail EDI scales your ability to recruit, train, and manage staff.

We work with your team to grow your business.

Our experienced team will see, document, and report any observed opportunities to improve efficiency.  On a monthly basis, we meet with our clients and present how this will improve their operations.  We deliver results you can measure in operational costs on a monthly basis.