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Comprehensive Controls for Product

Software tracks assets on multiple dimensions of inventory, including: In Stock, Available Allocated, Committed and more. Quickly search for SKUs, and access inventory data across warehouses with a single click. Teams can even get alerts when items are low in stock, and flag them.

  •  10 Different Stock Levels are tracked automatically
  •  Lot Tracking
  •  Serial Inventory Tracking
  •  Kitting Inventory
  •  Fractional Inventory Tracking
  •  Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Warehouse Management in the Cloud

Manage processes more easily in your warehouse with flexible receiving options and putaway documents. Use Bin Locations to indicate where things are to be stored when received.  Even track landed costs by creating PO Receipts.

  •  Issue Purchase Orders (PO) to receive inventory from vendors
  •  Set Bin Locations to Receive
  •  Print Putaway Documents to manage receiving
  •  Create PO Receipts to reflect landed costs like tariffs and shipment fees
  •  Transfer inventory from one Bin location to another or from warehouse to warehouse
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Order Management

Order management features give you complete control over the sales process. Sales Orders can be filtered based on custom labels you create. Bulk Actions help teams process hundreds of orders at the same time.

  •  Quickly place sales orders and quotes
  •  Filter sales orders by custom labels and status
  •  Bulk Ship Orders
  •  Bulk Invoice Orders
  •  Bulk push Orders to Ship Station
  •  Bulk Apply Payments to Sales Orders

Easy to Write Custom Reports

Comprehensive reports cover everything from tracking usage through invoicing, and shipping. Users can filter reports and save them to easily run the same reports as needed.  Need a custom report – access data instantly.

  •  Lot Reporting
  •  Stock History Reports
  •  User Usage Reports
  •  Customer Reports
  •  Inventory Usage Reports
  •  Payments Reports

Better Outcomes With Improved Visibility and Business Reporting

Our reporting enables companies to track everything from inventory usage to invoicing and shipping.  Filter and save reports to re-run as needed, or access your data via API and run forecasting for more complex business models, including SBT, VMI, SMI, and more.

  • – Sales by customer, by store, by product
  • – Moving Average
  • – Inventory by location, batch, and expiry
  • – Low-stock & out-of-stock
  • – Lot Reporting
  • – Stock History Reports
  • – Inventory Usage Reports
  • – User Usage Reports
  • – Backordered inventory
  • – Payments Reports
  • – Sales by customer, by store, by product
  • – Moving Average

Data from customer POS (EDI 852 and other, including data warehouse), can be compared against inventory and order information to provide much more comprehensive analysis.

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