Guidelines for Listings

Please take time to read our Listing Guidelines.

These Guidelines for Vendors and Service Providers (“Guidelines”), which are incorporated by this reference into the General Vendor Terms, govern the use of our Sites, Services and Content by Us, and our Affiliates (“Us”) and all Vendors (Service Providers).

Service Provider Listings can be high-level, or detailed descriptions of Vendor’s offerings (including vendor name & logo, solution names & detailed descriptions, screenshots) created by Us, or Vendors and presented in various categories (“categories”).


Service Provider Listing Creation:

To create a comprehensive, and useful resource for people and companies, we include all listings currently marketed or sold and appropriate in a category. To provide the most helpful experience, Our team determines whether a product is a logical fit for a category through research on the vendor’s website. If there isn’t sufficient information to support a claimed capability, or the quality of the content isn’t professional, and transparent, we will not publish the listing.

We will either create these listings from publicly available information or work with the vendor to create and/or update a listing that is accurate and best reflects its features.

Some Parameters for Posting Service Provider or Vendor Listings:

We want to encourage Service Providers working in and around the B2B, Application, and Data integration ecosystems that fit into one or more of our categories to create listings. Some of the criteria for getting listings added include:

  • B2B, Application, and Data integration software.

  • Professional service organizations (Large, boutique and individual providers), supporting either the user of the above services and software, or the Software and Service providers.  

  • Software must be available, and not simply a design.

  • Projects and Job Openings

  • The service, or software listed must be published under its own name. We welcome resellers integrators, consultants, or other third parties, however the name of the listing, or service must belong to the company creating the listing.

NOTE: While our sites serve as a platform to host various listings, we are not responsible for ensuring legal and/or regulatory compliance of services. For information on a service provider’s legal and/or regulatory standing, site users will be directed to the vendor directly through their website.

At a Service Provider or Vendor Request: In keeping with our goal to be a transparent resource for the community, we will remove listings at a Service Provider’s request.
If a Service Provider or vendor is no longer in business, or the Service listed is no longer being sold, we may either (i) review and remove related listing(s); or (ii) keep the listing and indicate that the product is no longer sold or discontinued. We will make every reasonable effort to contact the Service Provider to determine the best course.

At Our Discretion: We reserve the right to modify or remove any Listing and/or Profile if, in our sole discretion, the listing or profile fails to comply with these Guidelines. As a rule, we will not remove Service Provider Listings or other listings unless: (i) the Listing does not fit within at least one of the categories; or (ii) there is evidence to demonstrate that the Vendor or Service Provider is no longer actively being marketed and/or sold.
If through the course of ongoing maintenance and review of our catalog, we discover that an existing product listing no longer fits in a category and/or is not a legitimate, service, it will be removed.

GUIDELINES for Listing Products or Services:

Below are Our Guidelines for written content and image assets. For additional assistance on these Guidelines please contact.

The [Please] Do’s:
• Do fill in all the fields applicable to the offering.
• Do ensure the content and description is unique (not copied)
• Do ensure product name matches product name on Vendor’s Site
• Do ensure that destination URLs work and point to Vendor’s Site
• Do use standard spelling and grammar.
• Do make the Listing look professional.

The Don’ts:
• Write in first person point of view (e.g., we, our, us), use the Service, or company name.
• Do not use overly comparative language and superlatives (e.g., biggest, fastest, most)
• Do not use offensive, obscene, or defamatory language.
• Do not include suffixes in the company name (e.g., no Inc, Corporation, LLC, etc.)
• Do not use repeated or unnecessary punctuation marks or excessive capitalization.
• Do not use line breaks, symbols, special characters, or HTML tags.
• Do not disparage other service providers listed on our Sites, or elsewhere. Listings doing so will be removed immediately. This includes “take-out” content specific to a real or perceived shortcoming in a competitor’s solution.

If you submit a screenshot, image, drawing you grant Us the right to use it in the ordinary course of our business to administer and manage Your Listing; and you agree to follow these guidelines:

• Ensure screenshots display the software’s real user interface.
• Ensure the video is recorded in English.
• Ensure the video is about the Service.
• Ensure the video is either a YouTube, or Vimeo link.
• Do not use any stock images or marketing jargon in your screenshots.
We reserve the right to make changes to these Guidelines at any time without penalty by posting notice of such change on our Site. Your use of Our Site and/or Services after such notice has posted constitutes your acceptance of the updated Guidelines.

Last Updated: April 2021