Digital Transformation

Integration Solutions and Strategies to Accelerate Transformation!

Retail EDI Helps With Digital Transformation

Business-to-business (B2B), and EDI integration is about automating processes and communications between organizations. B2B integration enables companies to work more effectively with customers, suppliers and  partners by automating processes. Integration software for B2B related processes provides architecture needed to harmonize and digitize information. As a result, data routes more quickly through an enterprise’s ecosystem.

At Retail EDI, we look at digital transformation as a means for how a company should evolve once they’ve started down the B2B integration path.  Taking data from a trading partner, and transforming it in flight before adding it to an application’s store is only the beginning.  That data is valuable.  It can be used by many applications and teams.  Logic, and rules can be applied to the data so applications can help your team make better decisions faster.  Retail EDI is here to get your company to the point where data is yielding maximum value.             

Managing Big Digital Transformation Challenges

Businesses need to be successful on many fronts, requiring multiple strategies.  Retail EDI helps companies implement strategies successfully by supporting alignment of internal teams with the right partners, value delivery, and engineering.  As a result of partnering with Retail EDI, the largest digital transformation challenges can be managed and overcome.

– Simplify and automate more processes with the right infrastructure

– Improve agility – pivot when you need to.

– Take initiative on security and business compliance more easily.

– Establish business models across enterprise

– Improve relationships and growth

– Improve competitive advantage, profit, and time to market

Integration platforms to Support Digital Transformation

Integration platforms help companies connect B2B and EDI processes with trading partners using a single solution. These platforms collect data from one or more source applications, and translate it to standardized formats before sending the documents to business partners using various transport protocols. EDI and B2B integration software is available for on-premises use for integration services that can (More often than not), be accessed using cloud services.

Companies very often find slow, inefficient, error-prone, or manual processing of data is not sustainable in a competitive, connected world. This connectedness is pushing partners and customers to digitize more. However, every business is unique, and each has its own blend of systems and applications to exchange data and messages with partners. As a result, it is critical to take the time to map out how systems are connected to support various processes and use data standards supported globally (Hence, EDI standards).

To be successful in achieving goals like increasing revenue, reducing time to market, and generally improving efficiencies across processes, companies need a successful B2B network. Likewise, companies need one or more modern B2B integration solutions. With the correct B2B solutions, companies can connect digitally, communicate much faster and more reliably. This approach helps to do things like reduce the time it takes to get products to market, respond to changes in business landscapes and pivot when/how they need to.

Where does Retail EDI fit?

Retail EDI works with customers to understand their needs, and objectives. Partnering with VAN, ESB, and iPaaS providers, we are better able to automate individual or multiple integrations into cohesive, easily managed, cost-effective B2B networks.  

We believe companies should have 100% visibility and automation for core processes, such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay.  

Your company decisions should operate like a control tower with processes instead of airplanes, and orders instead of passengers. Every process accounted for.  All processes managed  by integrated, automated orchestrations.  Automations are feeding feeding both line-of-business apps, analytics, and even making logical, programmed decisions.  As a result teams make decisions faster, more accurately and are able to better manage change.  To make this happen we mix-and-match integration platforms as appropriate based on objectives, applications, and data standards each company uses. 


Our teams support iPaaS, ESB, VAN and web-based EDI platforms to ensure integrations are efficient.

Middleware + Integration tools

Line of Business

Analytics + Data Warehouse


Your company needs to integrate multiple processes, and synchronize data across teams and applications.



Vendor Managed Inventory



Our experts analyze best course, implement and support your efforts.  We provide on-demand and ongoing Pros.

Sourcing + Gap Analysis + Planning

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Digital Transformation - Improve ROI on Data by Automating the RIGHT way!

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