Listing a Job Opening or Project Post

Job/Project Listings are a way to get great people on your team! They are always free. Create as many as are needed.

If you know someone who is hiring, pass them a link. There are great people who need jobs. Let’s put them together, and spread some goodness.

Creating a Job/Project Listing
To create a Listing, first get registered, here.

We enable any registered user to create a listing. Basic users can list Job Openings | Project Posts.

Once registered, navigate to the upper righthand corner where the “Add-a-Listing” call out is located.

Clicking on the “Add-a-Listing” button will take you to the list of different Listings that can be created. Select “Job Opening”.

Choose a Package. Listings are issued based on a configuration we set up as a product. There will always be free packages, but as they are “products” in our system, they will say ”buy package”.

Click the package you want.

Filling out a Job Listing Form
There are several components of a Job/Project Listing, each is designed to help describe Job or Project. Very few attributes are required, and they can be added to, or changed as needed.

NOTE: This form once published will be visible to any site visitor, not just registered users. Additional integration details may be added below if needed.

This “general” area is for information like your company name, and a description of the job or project.

Contact Information

Add your contact information (email, phone), and company website. Nothing will be visible on the site. Companies, or individuals who want to contact you can do so by clicking the applicable links, or more specific information can be added to the Description area.

Job Details

This includes Qualifications, Salary, and Vacation type. These are dropdowns. If the applicable items are not available, enter the variance in the Description field above.

Enter in Location information to help applicants if relevant.

There are quite a few fields available to help define your project, or job posting further, including:

Desired Project Go-Live date

Integration Platform in Place

EDI or VAN Provider in Place

Project Images – these could be sketches of a solution or architectural diagrams.

You can upload up to five of these images.

Cover image – Without a cover image, your listing will be a black background. It does provide another option for promoting the project, or job is desired.

The image size is 1650 x 175

Preview and reCaptcha
Preview isn’t required, but can be helpful. reCaptcha is required.

What happens next
Once your Listing is submitted it will be reviewed. The process will take less than 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email, and be able to find the listing, here.