Neogrid is a company specialized in automatic supply chain management. It synchronizes manufactures, retailers,
distributors, financial institutions, and government agencies according to consumer demand.

Its solutions integrate information systems, provide visibility into sales and inventory levels at POS, and align operations, distribution, and inventory replenishment. All these processes are responsible for the traffic of 1.5 million documents per day and the registration of 144 million new inventory and sales transactions daily.

Neogrid develops solutions based on artificial intelligence to increase sales and profitability for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. In the market for more than 20 years, it works to synchronize supply chains, focusing primarily on product mix optimization, reduced out-of-stocks, increased inventory turnover and replenishment guided by actual demand.  With a platform that integrates 40,000 stores, 30,000 manufacturers and 5,000 distributors, the company transform data into strategic information to increase product availability and, at the same time, reduce excess inventory - always at the pace of consumers.


Avenida Santos Dumont 935, Santo Antônio, Joinville - Santa Catarina, 89222, Brazil