Retail EDI for Sellers

Promote and differentiate solutions using broad, searchable taxonomy.  

Retail EDI is an opportunity for Sellers and Buyers to make a relevant connection. 

Add your company to the Integration Directory to be found by companies literally looking for solutions and providers. 

It takes no time to register and fill out your company’s profile.  

Track traffic to pages. Receive messages from site visitors (Push notifications).

Post blogs. Solutions, Promote events!  We update thousands of people.  

Retail EDI - Integration Directory - for sellers

Get Started for Sellers

Your team could benefit from getting a few more leads this quarter.  

You don’t need budget to start working on your number.  Maybe you are focused on growing your presence in a new area. Retail EDI has some cool tools to help.

1st Step – Submit Blog, or Your Listing

Log into your Retail EDI account. Complete the form to build your listing, and click submit.    

2nd Step – Blog, or Listing is Reviewed

Retail EDI will review the listing and notify you when it is approved, or if we have any questions. 

At any point in the process you are welcome to make changes/edits.  


Plant Your Flag.
  • Direct messages from prospects
  • Post blogs + syndicate content automatically
  • Built-in Traffic Analytics
  • Customize pages with images, video, content

Retail EDI enables users do some cool things:

      – Huge taxonomy to help companies differentiate themselves.  

      – Self-service publish, and promote queues for different content types 

      – Messaging (Email, direct messaging, etc.)

      – Many listings to each user  

We don’t do software reviews.  Go here for that (Google Search).  

Integration Directory & The Retail EDI Blog

The Integration Directory helps buyers identify potential vendors.  By creating a taxonomy including apps, process, technology and hundreds of other criteria, companies can define themselves as they chose.  

Create a stand-alone page, or have many Solution pages.  Users tailor content to support marketing campaigns, educate prospects, and can even track results to improve programs.  

It only takes a couple of minutes to register (Click here)

Retail EDI is a self-service tool for individuals, startups, or others looking to promote a solution, expertise, or services.  Perhaps educate the community with a case study covering one a recent project, or a blog that discusses your last conference.  

Retail EDI - Integration Directory - for sellers