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Questions about Retail EDI?

Retail EDI was started in 2008, as a niche blog for teams focused on how Retailers, suppliers and 3rd party organizations worked together, including technology processes and more. Core folks have been consulting together for years.  And the blog is still there (Being re-released in Q4 2020).

The primary offering here at Retail EDI is helping companies take advantage of existing technologies to improve how they manage processes impacted by and associated with trading partner performance. To augment that, we offer technical services to support data/app integration, operations/back office out-tasking and a service bureau to bridge technical gaps with things like printing labels and more.

Retail EDI is not a VAN, but we do offer VAN services and services to manage the data moving to-from VANs. For example, if you have a VAN relationship today and think the pricing they’ve given you is preventing growth in other areas of your business, we can help.

  • Bulk shipment to distribution center
  • Cross-dock
  • Direct-to-store
  • Direct-to-consumer
  • eCommerce origin: DTS, DTC
  • Warehouse orders / transfers
  • 852 POS, Spend and other analytics
  • Vendor managed inventory & consignment
  • In-direct and direct procurement