Spend Management

Retail EDI is Here to Help Your Team Automate eProcurement and Spend Analytics!


Improve and automate workflows that support accounting, sourcing and process optimization

  • Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Punchout
  • ERP, eProcurement, Data Warehouse 

Spend Analytics

Automate processes to improve data insight on Spend activities and accelerate performance.

  • Procurement, T&E, HR Spend 
  • Catch Rogue, Off-contract Spend
  • Manage Risk and compliance

Why Spend Management? Why Accelerate and Improve eProcurement Processes?

Companies invest a lot in eProcurement systems. These systems are implemented in part to help a company to effectively source products and services needed to run the company. To be successful, companies need to align teams internally and externally around the procurement processes they establish. As a company’s people, locations, and needed products change, so can the challenges. Retail EDI helps companies stay on track!


  • – Off-contract spending
  • – Data in various sources
  • – Budget visibility
  • – Visibility into vendor performance
  • – Older technology/applications
  • – Limited or failed compliance

Companies are hard pressed to put data to work automating processes and driving useful reporting or insight. By not having the ability to access the data it can be difficult to adjust inventory, this can often lead to stock outs, overspending, and increased risk.  We fix these types of issues.

Retail EDI helps companies automate how they connect, manage, and use data for reporting, and analytics. Companies use Retail EDI to help integrate applications quickly into their ecosystem.  By helping companies synchronize data to data warehouses and other platforms, teams are able to make decisions faster. Integrating data across applications centrally means companies can access data fast, regardless of the ecosystem of applications or integration solutions being used.

Companies can easily connect apps like asset management, accounting, inventory or warehouse management and others to exchange information while providing integration capabilities to support incremental LoB productivity and analytics.  By sourcing data required using readily available technology, and methodologies, companies can accelerate and improve their spend management practices.  As a result, your company is more lean, efficient and effective in delivering value.

Automate Processes for Complete Spend Management Insight

To harmonize data across Line of Business applications (LoB), your company needs a semantic layer to bridge B2B data and the value it offers your business.  There are several methods and technologies available to accomplish this, what is critical is implementing the solution so that a.) collaboration is automated, and b.) the solution’s cost doesn’t negate the value generated by the automation.

  • Improve collaboration across line-of-business (LoB) for data scientists, citizen integrators, developers and IT.
  • Get to Value Faster – More often than not, we only augment existing systems rather than RAR scenarios.
  • Automate processes to increase availability of data for people to use and collaborate on across the enterprise. 
Simplify Spend Analytics with Retail EDI's expert team of integrators

Leverage Retail EDI to Improve Decision-Making Speed and Accuracy Across D/W, Spend and Integration Platforms

Want to Improve Your Ability to Analyze Spend?

Contact Retail EDI to discuss how we can improve your visibility into Procurement, T&E, and HR related Spend Management processes.

eProcurement Integration

Connecting to, and harmonizing data to effectively use data received from suppliers or customers is critical to your organization.  We enable teams to  automate processes so teams don’t have to worry about how to align ERP and eProcurement processes.

Retail EDI can support and bridge any data standard, such as EDI, cXML, REST or SOAP APIs to effect positive change.  We automate processes that support your business initiatives enabling your company to realize value.

Abstract the Complexity of Procurement Integration

Whether your perspective is from a Buyer, or Supplier’s perspective, Retail EDI can automate the processes your team needs to be successful.  

We look at the whole ecosystem to help arrive at how your business processes can most effectively be supported.  Whether your company integrates suppliers to eProcurement, or to ERP directly, Retail EDI can support any orchestration. 

Retail EDI quickly evaluates what your strengths are, and where we can improve your team’s integration and process efficiency.  Improving automation doesn’t always mean rip-and-replace.  Often your existing infrastructure and tools simply need to be used more effectively.  Our expertise brings it all together.

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