EDI Organizations & Associations

There are quite a few associations and organizations to help companies participate in how their standards and processes are defined.

  • X12 https://x12.org/   X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 40 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas which drive business processes globally. X12’s diverse membership includes technologists and business process experts in health care, insurance, transportation, finance, government, supply chain and other industries.
  • GS1  https://www.gs1.org/   Transforming how you share information Communicating with your customers, partners and suppliers is a crucial part of business. But when you all have different processes and systems, even sharing straightforward information can be time-consuming and error-prone. You need a common language. Our supply chain standards provide it.
  • WEDI  https://www.wedi.org/about-us/  WEDI is the preeminent national membership association for health IT guidance and collaboration.  For nearly 30 years, WEDI has been an instrumental force in igniting public-private partnerships to empower meaningful changes for the American health care system.
  • VDA  https://www.vda.de/en.html Germany is where the automobile was invented – and this equally refers to the passenger car, the truck, and the bus. And it is here that it is being reinvented over and over again, with passion and with the art of engineering. Making mobility even safer, more efficient, more comfortable, and better for the environment.
    AIAG  https://www.aiag.org/  Founded in 1982 as the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) by the three largest North American automotive OEMS, AIAG is a unique not-for-profit organization where companies in the mobility industries have worked collaboratively to drive down cost and complexity in the supply chain. Our membership includes leading global mobility manufacturers, their part suppliers, service providers, and associated global organizations, and government entities.
  • NEECOM    The New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group (NEECOM), formerly the New England EDI Users’ Group (NEEDI), is a nonprofit organization established in 1990. Today our members are large and small organizations in a variety of industries. Our members include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, insurance companies, motor carriers, universities, banks and government agencies. The common thread is our interest in EC/EDI and related technologies. We welcome companies who are at any stage in their implementation of Electronic Commerce.
  • RVCF  https://www.rvcf.com/  The Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) provides platforms and opportunities for communication between retail industry stakeholders. RVCF promotes education through live events, teleconferences, webinars and research. Offering benchmarking of best practices, technology solutions, and strategic initiatives, RVCF works with Retailers and Merchandise Suppliers to address their individual priorities helping them to become more collaborative trading partners. 

Note that Retail EDI isn’t a member of any of these organizations.  Some of our consultants and partners are.  We provide it as a resource for site visitors.  

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