Creating a Use Case, or Solution Listing

Provider Solution Listings, are a way to expand on a Provider Listing. Think of them as a deeper dive into a use case, or more in-depth view of a service being offered. You could use them as a win-wire, or a way to promote incremental value to visitors.

Provider Solution Listings include all the communication capabilities found in a Provider Listing, which enables your brand to get multiples of contact opportunities.

Creating a Provider Solution Listing
To create a Listing, first get registered, here.

Unless you want to use Advanced tools like booking appointments, selling subscription-based, or other offerings, there is no reason to choose “Become a Vendor”.

We enable any registered user to create a Provider listing. Basic users can create any type of listing, but a Provider Listing is required for all unless you only want to create Job Opening/Project listings.

Once registered, navigate to the upper righthand corner where the “Add-a-Listing” call out is located.

Clicking on the “Add-a-Listing” button will take you to the list of different Listings that can be created. Select “Provider Solution”.

Choose a Package. Listings are issued based on a configuration we set up as a product. There will always be free packages, but as they are “products” in our system, they will say ”buy package”.

Click the package you want. They are all free.

Filling out a Provider Solution Listing Form
There are several components of a Provider Solution Listing, each is designed to help Provider’s describe specific offering the way they would prefer. Very few attributes are required, and they can be added to, or changed as your services change.

There are seven areas to a Provider Solution Listing. We will walk through each area, and point out some tips.

This “general” area is for information like your company name, tagline and a description of your business. They are all required. It is pointless to have a Provider Listing if you don’t want to promote your business.

Images can be up to 32 MB. .jpeg, .jpg, .png

Logo – Helpful. And maybe listed as required.

Cover image – Without a cover image, your listing will be a black background. Which is fine, if that’s your choice.

The image size is 1650 x 175

Your company name, logo and tagline sit on top of it.

Project Images – these are ideally images that help visitors understand more about your services, and how you deliver them. They can include infographics, pictures of your team, you (freelancer, or consultant), architectural diagrams, etc. – whatever helps pull companies to engage with your sales team should be the short answer.

You can upload up to six of these images.

Contact Information
Email, Phone and Website. We don’t need to put much here. If you have a website, add the URL. Email and Phone are required.

Social Networking
The Integration Directory is here to help you promote your business so add everything you can.

We support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others.


Put your address here. Or, optionally, your city. Help visitors understand where your world HQ is located.

If you offer multiple locations critical to an offering, then each should have a Solution Listing with that offering described.

Region – the Region field is for your market coverage, for example, does your company sell in EMEA and North America.

Additional Details – the good stuff!
Listing Details are the heart of the Service Provider Solution Listing. Now we are talking about what you do, how you do it and whom you do it for.

When adding attributes, consider the space constraints of your Listing. You can preview your Listing as you create it (Bottom of page). If you need more room consider adding Solution Listings to expand.

Business Process
This area is for business processes and use cases supported by the Provider.

Terms like ‘Process’ and ‘Use case’ are relative to the type of Provider, but should still be key areas. Remember this is just as much for freelance and consulting folks as larger companies.

For example, a freelancer, or consultant may want to select “Application Development”, or “EDI Mapping”, but so could a company of IBMs size.

These terms can describe the business process as well as the capabilities often required to deliver them.

Applications We Integrate
These are applications the Provider works on, or integrates with.

These are broad benefits or descriptors, for example “Document transformation”, or “Drag-n-Drop Designer”

Formats + Standards
This area covers the file formats and data standards you support.

For example, if you work with EDI, you might choose X12, and or EDIFACT, etc. Some Providers will work with many, and there are many to choose from.

Security + Transport
Security + Transport is where you can select the different data transport protocols the Provider supports.

“Security” is loosely included here. We will expand on options.

If a Provider works with specific industries, they can be selected here.

Related Listing

This is optional, but very useful. If you have a Service Provider Listing, you use this to link to it. The reason we do this is to enable companies that choose Advanced options later on, will be able to link to the Provider listing that includes products/services being sold.

Preview and reCaptcha
Preview isn’t required, but can be helpful. reCaptcha is required.

What happens next
Once your Listing is submitted it will be reviewed. The process will take less than 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email, and be able to find the listing, here.