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My First Integration Was a Marketplace

Online, or in person.  Marketplaces are a great place to build relationships.  It doesn’t have to be a ginormous Mercado Libertad, in Guadalajara or a small freelance platform built to serve a niche community of professionals. Marketplaces often have their own framework and conventions for how most things should be done that can make them….

Steps to Launching a Freelance Career

I found this article on while doing research the other day.  The article lays out some basic steps to launch a career as a freelancer and your own small business.  I’m sharing the link today because the ‘7 Steps’ outlined in the article align well with our own ideas here at iPaaScity.   7 Steps….

Sell Through, EDI 852, and Your Company

We are 23 or so days into the Holiday season.  Do you know where your sales are?  Do you know them by item, category or client?  This isn’t one of those blog posts on this year’s sales compared to ’08 or ’07.  We’re going to go over some data points. We are talking about building […]