If you have had time to read the content we have shared in the last 3-4 weeks, you must have noticed how important automation technology is to leverage the sales and operations processes. This of course includes S&OP.

Some companies still have problems with their Supply Chain operations, and ERP tools. There is no reason to suffer from a lack of flexibility, low levels of data accuracy, coding for integrations, and, after all that expense continue to suffer with excess inventory levels, or out-stocks.

To solve theses issues, companies like Bayer and Molson Coors are using Neogrid’s S&OP to boost horsepower for current ERP and resource planning applications (like Oracle, Dynamics or SAP APO). By integrating Neogrid’s S&OP tool to their current planning software, these companies are able to:

  • Embracing flexibility and adaptability in their sales and operations planning process;
  • Establishing a better communication flow between different areas of the company;
  • Increasing accuracy of statistical forecasts with +30 statistical algorithms and robust event management components;

Check out this blogpost if you would like to read more about adding horsepower to SAP APO, or your current process.

And for sure feel free to schedule a call to better understand how we can help your specific use case.