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About Retail EDI

Retail EDI is focused on Integration transformation services. We are dedicated to generating value from every dollar you spend in your organization. Our purpose is to enable our clients to engage with tactical opportunities that help them become more profitable and efficient.

We’ll help you implement and adopt the methods needed to achieve your return on investment.

Our clients are supply chain and procurement leaders who expect a committed, flexible consulting partner with leading edge technical skills and a proven method of delivering measurable outcomes.

The Retail EDI team is comprised of supply chain, technology, and procurement experts who understand the processes and platforms needed to drive value across your organization.

We support direct and in-direct strategies for either buyers or sellers across a wide range of models, including:

  • Bulk shipment to distribution center
  • Direct-to-store
  • Direct-to-consumer
  • eCommerce or B&M origination 
  • Warehouse orders / transfers
  • 852 POS and analytics
  • Vendor managed inventory 
  • Consignment-based Inventory
  • In-direct and direct procurement