How Retail EDI Got Started

How Retail EDI Got Started

RetailEDI.com was formed by a collective group of people within the Retail industry to address common interests.  All had been involved within the industry for between 10-20 years doing everything from helping companies get integrated, selling software, designing process and strategic approaches to help suppliers, retailers, 3PLs and many others.

The consumer walking into a retail location never realizes how many companies, processes and how much technology were brought to bear to insure there is a shirt hanging on a rack that fits – that the price ticket reflects the correct price – or the person at the counter is able to check to see when their next shipment of a particular size/style of shoe is coming in.  We could have called the site Retailprocesses or something.  We chose Retail EDI, because so many of the systems in retail are or can be managed within the common understanding of the term “EDI”  For us, we don’t care if you look at EDI as including XML, or trading other flavors of file format back and forth.  The point is a supply chain integrated up and downstream electronically for the benefit of both suppliers & retailers (And everyone else :).

  1. We provided a place where people could learn about how processes within the industry can be interconnected and efficiency brought to bear through measured, well thought out plans.
  2. We are unique as a data source in that we actively reach out to the supplier and retailer community to learn how we can help them – what solutions we can talk to them about, refer them to.

People writing included every applicable discipline and position within the industry.  Vendor relations and EDI folks from retailers, EDI consultants, management at 3PL organizations and so on.  We were geared to be a knowledge portal – a resourceful site where people could be informed.  It was fun.

You can access some of the old content here, on retailedi.com/blog.  More of course can be found on the Wayback Machine :).

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